Why the Cyber Kill Chain?

The Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain gives organizations a better understanding of security controls, how to use those controls, and the opportunity to stop attacks at each stage of the cycle before exfiltration of sensitive data occurs.

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Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain

Brute force attacks jumped 135% from 2014 levels.

65% of attacks detected in 2015 originated from the U.S.

Does this mean the attackers are physically in the United States? Of course not. It means they're staging attacks from compromised servers in order to avoid region-specific IP blocking. Geolocation blocking is not enough to stop today's threats.

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The retail sector experienced the most attacks per client of any industry sector.

24% of web attacks during 2015 were injection-based.

Taking advantage of outdated, porous versions of PHP, JavaScript and the like remains a popular (and often successful) way of infiltrating a system.

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Three countries accounted for 38% of all non-U.S. based attacks.

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